Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon
Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro

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Young Sheldon - Review

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"Young Sheldon" Continues The Story Of Sheldon Cooper

The spinoff from "The Big Bang Theory," "Young Sheldon" was created after Jim Parsons, who plays the older version of Sheldon Cooper gave the idea to a producer, Chuck Lorre. The show has proven ratings and critical success and will continue the success of "The Big Bang Theory" after the conclusion of the earlier series.

"Young Sheldon tells the story of Sheldon Cooper when he is still nine years old and living with his parents in a small town in East Texas. Despite his success as a student in elementary school, Sheldon finds himself bored with the level of education he receives and is identified as a genius by educators. Skipping Sheldon on to the ninth grade, he is placed in the same grade as his brother, George at high school causing his brother a large number of social problems.

Taking place between the years 1989 and 1990 in the first season, Sheldon Cooper is living his life in Medford, Texas with his parents, Mary, and George Sr. who is the local high school football coach. Sheldon is part of a dysfunctional but loving home with his father often doubted to be such by other members of the family because of the academic achievement achieved by the child.

The "Pilot" sees the young Sheldon Cooper arrive for his first day at Medford High School at the age of nine. Although Sheldon is academically gifted, he is not yet up to speed with the social responsibilities he faces as a high school student. On his first day, George is unhappy with the arrival of Sheldon in his grade before he becomes even more annoyed when Sheldon continually tells the teachers when other students break the rules.

A number of stories often told by Sheldon Cooper in "The Big Bang Theory" series are dramatized in "Young Sheldon." One of the recurring themes of "Young Sheldon" is the fear of Mary Cooper that her son is not growing up to have a childhood in a traditional sense. mary worries in the second episode of season one that Sheldon does not have friends at Medford High School and will not find any as he is younger than his schoolmates. Sheldon is also banned from making any rockets when he begins this as a hobby and tries to buy uranium to create more power.

The rocket building hobby does eventually lead Sheldon to make a friend in the form of a fellow outsider, Tam who shares his love of the hobby. "Young Sheldon" shows many of the same issues retold in "The Big Bang Theory" including the constant clash between the scientific mind of the young scientist and the religious beliefs of his mother.

"Young Sheldon" is a sitcom developed by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro who had both previously worked on "The Big Bang Theory." Lorre is one of the most successful comedy producers and writers of the 21st-century and has a development deal with CBS which sees the network given the first refusal on the new shows he creates. Among the successful shows developed by Chuck Lorre are "Two and a Half Men" and "Mike and Molly."

The part of "Young Sheldon" is played by Iain Armitage who came to fame as a theater critic who has his own Web series, "Ian Loves Theater." Alongside his work as a critic, Armitage has appeared in the critically-acclaimed HBO series, "Big Little Lies."

The character of Mary Cooper is played by Zoe Perry, the daughter of Laurie Metcalf who plays the role in "The Big Bang Theory." Perry was not encouraged to join the acting profession by her mother or father, actor Jeff Perry because they wanted her to enter a more stable profession. Eventually, Perry moved into acting at college and appeared in the play, "Anna Christie" alongside her father and the Scottish actor, Kevin McKidd.

The development of "Young Sheldon" came from an idea by actor, Jim Parsons, who appears in the show as the voice of the narrator. Parsons believed the stories told by Sheldon and his mother, Mary during "The Big Bang Theory" would make a good base for a sitcom about a younger version of Parsons iconic character. Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro began working on "Young Sheldon" which they hoped to run alongside episodes of "The BUg bang Theory" as the lead in to generate large audiences. "Young Sheldon" has proven such a success that CBS has already commissioned the third and fourth seasons and will broadcast them in 2019 and 2020.

The response of critics has been largely favorable with both professional critics and viewers providing the show with a solid rating which has hit 76 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. "Young Sheldon" was praised for the performances of the main cast and for the retro feel to the show which many felt were perfectly positioned for the late-80s feel of the show. The presence of Jim Parsons as the voice of the older version of the character also seen as a positive by critics who felt this added an extra layer of authenticity to a show which many critics had worried would be too similar to "The Big Bang Theory." The first season of "Young Sheldon" proved a hit with viewers in the U.S. who tuned in with huge numbers for the pilot, with 22 million viewers thought to have watched.

Zoe Perry is the daughter of "The Big Bang Theory" actress, Laurie Metcalf with both actresses finding themselves nominated for the best-supporting-actress at the Critic's Choice Awards in 2018. "Young Sheldon" is the first time Chuck Lorre has not used a multi-camera format and a live studio audience for one of his shows. The comedy producer explained he felt the cast of children did not need the added stress of performing live each week as they looked to develop the characters and find their feet in the acting world.

Young Sheldon
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