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Lucifer - Review

This Review was written following only one rule - binge-watching the tv-show for around 10 hours with a lot of popcorn and then wirting down the thoughts - so you can trust this review is honest and truthful.

"Lucifer" - even the devil needs a break sometimes

Lucifer's name is Program, just different from what you would expect at first sight. The protagonist of the series, Lucifer, the devil personally, is fed up with his existence in the underworld. He is bored of his divine mission to guard the souls of sinners and criminals and finally wants to get some fresh air. To escape his daily routine of fire and brimstone, he leaves hell and lands in Los Angeles.
The city in southern California is now the linchpin of the series. The city is increasingly falling for the glamor of the city, the devil operates exclusively a nightclub in the city of angels. The 'Lux' offers him a decent and wicked living opportunity for a few years, from where he delights in the city of angels.
After the murder of a friend, Lucifer gets a chance to use his superhuman abilities, which cause people to reveal his deepest desires to good use. He also lands a hit to banish his boredom: he hires as a supporter at the Los Angeles Police Department. As a confidant and the only person who knows how to resist, Detective Chloe Decker, a former porn actress and now a tough Los Angeles police detective, is partnering with Lucifer.

It develops a multi-layered plot, which deals with the crime cases to be solved and the city of Los Angeles on the one hand and the interpersonal problems and connections on the other hand.
Lucifer's contact with Detective Decker is well received. While ex-husband Dan, or "Detective Douche," as Lucifer calls him, is not thrilled with the new connection, daughter Trixie quickly frets herself with her mum's strange colleague.

But by the way, Lucifer also has to take care of his old life - Brother Amenadiel worries about the ever growing unrest in the rulerless underworld and tries his brother, sometimes more, sometimes less successful, to return to his place on the throne of hell move. With his companion and loyal subordinate, the demoness Mazikeen, Lucifer has an old acquaintance at his side, which although supporting his work in Los Angeles, secretly longs for a return to hell. The bartender of his nightclub is fast becoming a confidant of Trixie - a connection that could not be trickier.

The series follows Lucifer on his journey from the Underworld Lord to an almost full member of the LAPD - with all the highs and lows that earthly life has to offer a fallen angel. People drawn by involuntary encounters with Lucifer's superhuman powers line his path, his penchant for egomania keeps him moving to enforce his own will and act less restrained than the LAPD would.
Cornerstones of the series are the insights into the soul life of a demon prince: The devil, plagued by mental problems, goes into treatment with the psychologist Dr. med. Linda Martin, who tries to give the pronounced egomaniac Lucifer a trace of empathy and humanity.

Interrupted by bizarre excursions into the thought-life of an earth-turning prince of darkness and more or less credible criminal cases, Lucifer is a series that can be a hell of a fun, if you get involved with the crazy premise.

Tom Ellis plays the protagonist of the series, Lucifer Morningstar. Tom Ellis succeeds in portraying the devil as charismatic and charming egomaniac. Ellis is the main actor of the series since 2016 and is spoken in the German dubbing of Manou Lubowski.
Detective Chloe Decker is portrayed by Lauren German. Also represented on the set of the series since 2016, the American actress is dubbed by Giuliana Jakobeit.
Rachel Harris plays with the psychologist Linda Martin one of the main reference persons of Lucifer and tries to bring his soul world on Trot. The synchronization is done by Cathlen Gawlich.
Amenadiel is by D.B. Woodside and is one of the characters who wants to bring Lucifer back to his usual place in hell. He is spoken in German by Shane Van Dyke.
Bartender and demonic companion Lucifers is Mazikeen, played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, who translates the role of Melanie Hinze.
In addition, Scarlett Estevez (Trixie), Tricia Helfer (Lucifer's mother), Inbar Lavi (Eve) and many others are playing alongside the main event.

Screenwriter and executive producer of the series is Tom Kapinos, also known for his work on "Californication". The character Lucifer is based on a comic, in which the fantasy old master Neil Gaiman created the devil after his ideas.
The series is produced by Warner Bros. TV, DC Comics and Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

The release of the series was initially exclusively by the television station FOX in the US. After the intended end of the series, however, the streaming giant Netflix jumped in and helped the devil to another return to the stage of the online streaming site.

Criticism and recommendation:
Lucifer was received by the critics with mixed feelings. However, the basis of the character, with the suggestions of Neil Gaiman in the hindquarters, has always been considered positive.
After following the third season, initially due to lack of ratings by the broadcaster FOX, the setting of the series was decided, a fourth season with the streaming service Netflix was made possible.

For all fans of pure entertainment and authenticated characters Lucifer could be a direct hit. Although the series does not come with revolutions or revelations, it manages to entertain.
The interpersonal actions of the characters make the world around the Oberteufel an entertaining and suspenseful scenery, in which the characters have to assert themselves time and time again.
Nice entertainment without paying too much attention to details - sometimes that's just right!

The nightlife and the devil: Of course it had to come to a small protest storm. So the conservative American Family Association (AFA) tried to prevent the broadcast of the program, as Satan would be portrayed as a sensitive and lovable person and would be glorified. The petition, however, reached just over 31,000 signatures.

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