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CSI: NY - Review

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"CSI New York" Continues The Tradition Of Success For The Franchise

The launch of "CSI New York" in 2004 came about when the creator of the franchise, Anthony e. Zuiker" and CBS executives heard rumors of planned shows featuring a similar plot to their already successful "CSI" franchises were planned in the Big Apple. Zuiker and his creative team had already headed off a similar planform other networks by developing the "CSI Miami" season in 2002.

As with most spinoffs in the "CSI" franchise, the launch of "CSI New York" come in the form of a backdoor pilot involving the characters from the already successful "CSI Miami." The characters involved in "CSI New York" had been fully formed by the time the crossover episode featuring lead actors David Caruso and Gary Sinise met in episode 23 of season two of the show. "CSI New York" features a CSI team led by Detective Mac Taylor, a former marine who is struggling to survive in the modern world after a series of personal tragedies. Mac lost his wife in the 9/11 attacks and has struggled to return to life with most of his time spent at work as the head of the NYPD crime lab.

Detective Taylor is partnered with Stella Bonasera, an New York native who has been alongside Mac since before the tragedy of 9/11. Stella has become the reason for Mac to get out of bed in the mornings and has pushed him to continue to build his life and career despite the problems he has faced.

The introduction of Mac Taylor comes in the episode, "MIA/NYC" when the "CSI Miami" character, Horatio Crane begins to investigate the murder of a family leaving only the teenage daughter alive. Horatio Crane attends the crime scene and is shocked to find the teenage daughter still there and struggling to come to terms with the actions she has seen. Crane promises he will not rest until he finds the killer of the girl's family and reveals he believes the murderer to be a man known as Nick Murdoch.

In New York, Detective Taylor is left to attend the crime scene of a strangled man who he initially struggles to find the identity of. The arrival of Horatio Crane coincides with the discovery of the body which, after a lot of digging, is revealed to be that of an undercover cop, Nick Murdoch. Crane and Taylor are originally confused by the revelation of Murdoch being dead in New York and decomposing at the time of the murders in Miami. However, Crane theorizes the murderer must have stolen the identity of the undercover cop and his investigation may lead them to the murderer.

Looking at the investigations of Nick Murdoch, the two teams combine their skills and discover a link to the murder of a wealthy Manhattan-based business leader, Michael Hanover. The only survivor of the attack on Hanover was his young son who the team must work with to reveal the identity of the real murderer who stole the identity of Nick Murdoch.

The show has the same creative team as the other installments in the "CSI" franchise which consists of creator Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue, and Carol Mendelsohn. The three have worked together since the decision was made to create an early spinoff of "CSI Vegas" in the form of "CSI Miami." Zuiker had spent a large amount of his childhood and teenage years trying to find a role in Hollywood and had his first script purchased for $25,000. Unfortunately, the script for "The Runner" was sold before Zuiker found an agent which would lead to him losing the rights to the movie. After watching a TV documentary about the crime scene investigators working in the U.S., he created the initial plot for the show while working as a Las Vegas tram driver.

The role of Detective Mac Taylor is played by Gary Sinise, the respected actor, and campaigner for the rights of U.S. Military Veterans. The career of Sinise was based around his work on the stage where he became a successful actor and director with the Steppenwolf company. In the 1990s, the work of Gary Sinise moved largely to feature films when he became a star alongside Tom Hanks in three movies, "Forrest Gump," "Apollo 13," and "The Green Mile." Sinise also won critical acclaim for his directorial work and acting in the production of "Of Mice and Men." Gary Sinise has become a major campaigner on behalf of U.S. Military veterans which led to him being named an honorary Marine in 2013.

Melina Kanakaredes plays the partner of Detective Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera who has a long history of success on the big and small screens. The actress began her career with a role in the soap opera, "Guiding Light" and won a Daytime Emmy for her role in the show. In the past, the actress has appeared in a number of critically-acclaimed roles in shows such as "NYPD Blue," "Due South," and "Oz."

Much like the other entrants in the "CSI" franchise, the show is actually filmed in Los Angeles with much of the location work don on the streets of locations across California. The cast does spend time in New York City filming in front of the iconic locations in the city to add a sense of authenticity. Anthony E. Zuiker writes the first installments of "CSI New York" which were directed by the Daytime Emmy award-winning director Deran Sarafian. "CSI New York" did not achieve the widespread acclaim of the earlier installments of "CSI Vegas" and "CSI Miami" which broke records for their high viewer ratings. Eventually, the show was canceled despite the Nielsen ratings showing the procedural had held its audience share of around eight million viewers throughout all nine seasons.

The high viewer ratings of the earlier two installments of "CSI" were never matched by the "CSI New York" brand which has an average rating of just 61 percent on Metacritic. The majority of viewers claimed the show did not possess the visual flair or witty dialog of the earlier installments and was a little too slow-paced. What sets "CSI New York" apart is the introduction of the criminal profiling element which was promised by many viewers as adding an extra element to the show.

"CSI New York" has been broadcast around the world with networks in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand broadcasting the show during its initial run. The use of a streaming service to watch "CSI New York" is a difficult one with Netflix no longer offering the show following the launch of the CBS All Access app.

Gary Sinise was not the first actor approached for the role of Detective Mac Taylor with Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta both approached to provide an authentic New York feel for the show. Upon achieving the role of Mac Taylor, Gary Sinise had a large amount of input into the future direction of his character. Sinise came up with the idea of Taylor being a 9/11 widow who worked on the Remembrance Wall following the tragedy.

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