The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Lizz Winstead, Madeleine Smithberg
News, Talk, Comedy

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Review

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"The Daily Show With Trevor Noah" Continues the Success of Comedy Central's Longest Running Show

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" is the latest incarnation of the long-running television show which debuted with host Craig Kilborn in 1996. Noah is the third full-time host for the show and replaced Jon Stewart in 2015 prompting a relaunch of the franchise with new segments and structure created for the satire.

Each episode of "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" begins with the announcer stating the date and time of the broadcast followed by the line, "From Comedy Central's World News Headquarters in New York, this is The Daily Show with Trevor Noah." The arrival of Trevor Noah saw the different segments introduced at the start of the show dropped in favor of a more traditional monologue. The show begins each episode with Trevor Noah detailing the most important events taking place across the world and allows the host to poke fun at the reactions of world leaders and the media to these events.

Despite the history of Trevor Noah as a standup comedian, he is often the catalyst for jokes given by the various correspondents working for the show. At least one correspondent is introduced in the opening minutes of the show with the most important news story covered by a comedian described as a special correspondent. Many of the correspondents offer a specific view on the news from a stereotypical point of view which is usually the least well-known view of the story.

The majority of these segments are filmed in the studio in front if stock footage with the correspondents said to be reporting live from a specific area of the world. The stock footage is used for comic effect and provides a comic juxtaposition with the requirements of "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah." There have been segments filmed in various parts of the world with correspondents including Jason Jones and Rod Riggle reporting from Iraq, Iran, and South Korea.

The final segment of the show is usually a celebrity interview conducted by Trevor Noah with a guest who is currently part of the mainstream media. The guests chosen can range from academics who have written books and made documentaries about certain parts of current events. In other cases, the celebrity interview can take the form of an actor, comedian, or singer who is often asked to give their view on current events.

The decision to appoint Trevor Noah to the position of host of "The Daily Show" was something of a left-field choice for the show as the comedian is South African. Noah had been working on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" as the Senior International Correspondent and working as a writer on the show. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Noah began working as an actor and comedian in 2002 and would host a South African late-night talk show similar to "The Daily Show" early in his career. After leaving the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Trevor Noah would travel the world completing standup shows and working on various TV shows. In the U.K., Noah became successful as a panelist on various celebrity quiz shows which have dominated the schedule since the late-1990s. After arriving in the U.S., he was given the hosting role on "The Daily Show" when his predecessor left the role in 2015.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" was created by Madeleine Smithberg and Lizz Whitehead in 1996 for Comedy Central. The show was initially hosted by Craig Kilborn with Whitehead serving as head writer and developing the structure of the show. Whitehead eventually left the show in 1998 after she was reported to have clashed with Kilborn about the direction of the show. Since leaving "The Daily Show" franchise, Whitehead has served as a writer, actor, and host on a range of TV and radio shows including "Snap Judgment" and "The Man Show."

As "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" is a satirical show detailing the news and current events of the day, the script is not set in stone until just before filming each day at 6 pm in New York. Each day begins with the researchers bringing writers the latest news headlines and stories along with funny clips from the news. A rough script is formed with the latest headlines featuring highly in the show as it begins to be formed. Trevor Noah begins to get involved in the process of writing and leading the team as the day progresses with the shows initial script produced by around 3 pm each day. Rehearsals and rewrites take place throughout the afternoon before "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" are filmed in front of a live studio audience each Monday to Thursday across 42 weeks of the year.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" has been an important news source with many veteran broadcasters stating the majority of young people get their news from the late night show. Beginning life as a fake news show, "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" switched to covering real news in the tenure of Jon Stewart as its host. Noah has extended the work of the real news angle with more time given to correspondents who are not as stereotypical as they were for earlier versions of the show. The style of Trevor Noah did not sit well with some viewers who had been used to the more confrontational style of Stewart but these complaints have been limited as Noah has become more comfortable in his role.

"The Daily Show" has given birth to a number of spinoffs including "The Colbert Report" and "The Opposition with Jordan Klepper." Noah has stated he was born into the Apartheid regime in South Africa in 1984 when the relationship between his Swiss-German father and South African mother was deemed illegal because if their different races. Trevor Noah became so popular in South Africa he appeared on its version of "Dancing with the Stars."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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