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Suits - Review

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"Suits" Begins a Record-Breaking Run on the USA Network

Perhaps best-known for bringing the world the future British Princess, Meghan Markle, the USA network legal drama "Suits" has become the longest-running original series on the cable channel. The show entered its ninth and final season in 2019 following the departure of a number of its leading series regulars.

The first season of "Suits" was born in 2011 when the story of Harvey Spectre and Mike Ross began in the pilot of the show created by Aaron Korsh. The story began with Spectre being promoted to senior partner at the Pearson Hardman law firm in New York, Harvey has already built his reputation as the most impressive closer on the New York legal circuit. The added responsibility of the role of senior partner leaves Harvey looking for a legal associate to assist with a far greater number of cases he will be handling.

In contrast, Mike Ross has a keen legal mind but has dropped out of college to care for his ailing grandmother. In order to make ends meet, Ross is forced to take legal exams for those hoping to gain admittance to Harvard and other prestigious law schools. Eventually, the number of applicants seeking the help of Mike dries up and he is forced to take part in a drug deal which results in a sting by local law enforcement. Using his legal expertise, Mike manages to evade being arrested after stating he is on his way to an interview for a job at Pearson Hardman.

The first season sees Mike Ross eventually find his way to a job interview with Harvey Spencer and gain a position with the prestigious legal firm. Ross eventually explains his lack of education which should preclude him from working as a legal associate for Harvey. However, Harvey is annoyed by the restrictions placed on him by the partners at Pearson Hardman who believe only Harvard graduates should be employed by their law firm.

Now complicit in the deceit regarding the lack of legal qualifications of Mike Ross. Harvey Spectre takes the decision that the legal expertise of Mike Ross is too good to turn down and instead decides to conceal the truth about his new associate from his partners and from the legal sector in New York.

The deceit does not last long as Harvey's first client discovers the lie told by Mike and Harvey which results in Harvey's demotion and Mike losing his big chance to become a legal expert. However, Managing Partner Jessica initially turned a blind eye to Mike's appointment leaving Harvey with a chance to blackmail his boss into letting Mike remain and his own promotion to be ratified.

Mike finds himself under pressure to keep up the charade of being a Harvard graduate while his supervisor has already revealed he is suspicious of Pearson Hardman's latest employee. Mike's history and life before starting work as a legal associate begin to catch up with him and places his happy future at risk as Harvey tries to convince him to stay on as his legal associate. Keeping up the deceit of Mike not being a law graduate places the careers of Harvey and Mike at risk but they believe the skills of Mike are worth the risk.

"Suits" creator, Aaron Korsh created the show with the intent of locating it on Wall Street but eventually shifted his focus to the law. Korsh himself is a former investment banker who left the financial sector behind to pursue a career in comedy writing by starting his career creating episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond."The series creator and head writer has stated his own experiences on Wall Street informed the early seasons of "Suits" as the two areas are similar in their work.

Michigan native, Gabriel Macht stars in "Suits" as Harvey Spectre, the expert attorney who employs the unqualified, Mike Ross. Macht made his first appearance on film at the tender age of eight when he appeared in the movie, "Why Would I Lie?" for which he won the Best YougnActor in a Motion Picture Award. Macht has played a range of roles over the course of his career, including that of the 2008 comic book adaptation, "The Spirit."

Since graduating from the University of Southern California, Canadian-born Patrick J. Adams has been working in TV and film before finding fame as Mike Ros in "Suits." The actor has spent much of his career in guest roles on major network shows, such as "Lost", "Pretty Little Liars", and "Legends of Tomorrow." Adams divides his time between his work as an actor and his photography career for which he has achieved critical acclaim.

Now known as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle found early fame as an actress appearing in "Suits" as Rachel Zane from 2011 to 2017. Markle had been working in Hollywood for a number of years before "Suits" and appeared as a "briefcase girl" on the game show, "Deal or No Deal." Just before finishing work on the seventh season of "Suits", Markle began a relationship with the British Prince Harry and retired from acting to marry the royal in 2018.

"Suits" is produced by Universal Cable Productions and is broadcast by the USA network, a decision which originally caused concern for writer and producer, Korsh. Universal is a consistent partner of NBC and the writer had hoped his show would be picked up by the major network. The ninth and final season of "Suits" will be broadcast on the USA in 2019 with the global rights to stream the show held by Netflix. "Suits" uses a team of directors and writers who have a long history of TV success, including director Tim Matheson who found fame as an actor in "National Lampoon's Animal House." Aaron Korsh tends to concentrate on writing the opening and closing episodes of each season.

The critical response to "Suits" has been largely positive with the quirks and powerful relationships between the well-drawn characters the main reasons for the show achieving a 91 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It is generally stated the show was at its peak in earlier seasons before a number of key characters departed the show at the end of season seven.

Aaron Korsh believes his own lack of experience in the writing sector led to the impressive development of the character of Mike Ross. Korsh explained on his first day of shotting the pilot of "Suits" he was given the role of showrunner and felt far too inexperienced to have such an impressive job. Thinking on her feet paid off for the future Duchess of Sussex when she was still Meghan Markle. As she was heading to the audition for "Suits", Markle realized her casual clothes were not a good choice and purchased a $35 H&M dress to make herself seem more like a lawyer. Upon arriving at the audition, Markle was asked to change into the dress to give the crew a better idea of how her character would look in a professional setting.

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