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This Is Us
Dan Fogelman
Soap, Comedy, Drama

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This Is Us - Review

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Family Drama Realized: How This is Us Revolutionized Television Dramedies

When you consider modern-era television icons, it's hard to find a series that's as well-liked as the dramedy, This is Us. This series has comical, dramatic, and tragic elements and centers on the lives of three "triplets" that consists of two triplets-turned-twins and their adopted brother. While the original pairing of children was disrupted by a stillbirth death, Randall, a young African American adoptee, was quickly incorporated into the Pearson family because his parents felt that they were meant to be the parents of triplets. Randall is approximately the same age as his siblings Kevin and Kate, and how close they are to each other is a major plot point of the series.

While the bulk of the weekly stories typically take place at the same time as airing, one of the major plot devices of the series is its habit of visiting different time periods in the triplets' lives. For example, the viewer is able to learn more about the triplets' parents, who are Jack and Rebecca Pearson in this manner. The upbringing of these children wasn't always easy; each child has had his or her own issues. For example, Kevin always felt neglected due to the fact that he always seemed the more stable of the children. Similarly, his sister Kate also had issues with her weight during her childhood. Randall, who was visibly different from his siblings due to his ethnicity, managed to become very successful but still managed to feel somewhat separated from his adoptive family.

In fact, the series acts as a guide to the Pearson family, and while the first several episodes take place in the present and the past, later episodes even explore a bit of the future of the family. Character dynamics are at the center of the show; for example, Randall, who is the adopted son, starts to want to explore and get to know his birth family, and throughout these interactions, you get to see cultural issues at play.

While the timelines of This is Us can be a bit on the confusing side, it's very pleasing to get to know which rich and complex characters. The show features explorations into every aspect of family, major conflicts like the Vietnam War, and there's more than a little bit of complexity for those looking for a little narrative meat. If you're looking for a show that will invariably make you laugh, cry, and smile, then This is Us is a great option for just about every viewer.

Cast of Characters

As you might have guessed based on the synopsis of the series, This is Us has a more extensive ensemble cast that spans the generations. To label each here accurately would require an almost book-level of text, so instead, we're going to present you with the key members of the Pearsons. It's important to understand that since the series takes place during different times, some of the characters are played by multiple actors:

  • Sterling K. Brown, Niles Finch, and Lonnie Chavis as Randall Pearson: In many ways, Randall Pearson is the most successful of the Pearson triplets and is very wealthy due to success in both politics and business. Randall was abandoned the day he was born at a firehouse, and his adoptive parents, who were expecting triplets, decide to make him a part of the Pearson family.
  • Milo Ventimiglia, Joaquin Obradors, and Milo Cragnotti as Jack Pearson: Jack, who is the father of the triplets and husband to Rebecca, is a Vietnam War veteran and the son of an alcoholic named Stanley. Jack worked as a manual laborer and eventually became a construction foreman in order to provide for his burgeoning family and was known as a hard worker. Like his father, he has struggled with substance abuse, but seeing how it could affect his family, he gives up drinking.
  • Mandy Moore, Ava Castro, and Kya Kruse as Rebecca Pearson: Due to plot elements, Rebecca is a twice-married character that serves as the matriarch of the Pearson family. Unlike Jack, Rebecca knows about Randall's father and opts to keep this information hidden from her adoptive son and the rest of the family. She's always aspired to be a professional singer, but when the triplets came into her life, she put this dream behind her in order to focus on her family.
  • Chrissy Metz, Hannah Zelle, and Mackenzie Hancsicsak as Kate Pearson: As one of the biological children of Rebecca and Jack, Kate is a character that has continuously struggled with her weight. Her nickname, "bug," was given to her by her mother, and despite the initial closeness, their relationship ends up being strained as a result of the story's plot. She eventually strikes up a relationship with her future-husband, Toby, and they have children. Kate is prone to self-esteem issues, and she's very close to her siblings and works as a bridge between her two brothers since they are constantly at odds.
  • Justin Hartley, Logan Shroyer, and Parker Bates as Kevin Pearson: The final Pearson Triplet, Kevin, has spent much of his life feeling neglected and blames his brother for this problem. It also doesn't help that Randall has always seemed to excel at everything he does, which leads to more than a little bit of envy. Kevin is an actor that has appeared on television as well as on the stage and has experienced a good level of success. Kevin becomes a divorcee, and there are a few storylines that deal with his dating his co-stars and coworkers.
  • Ron Cephas Jones and Jermel Nakia as William Hill: Rather than ignore the biological father of Randall, the show actually incorporates him into the plot. Despite abandoning his son at a firehouse, William is a very complex recovering drug addict that wants to reconnect with his son, Randall.

This is Us was created by Dan Fogelman, and it's been the recipient of various Emmy nominations over the years. This is a top-notch series that's perfect for anyone looking for a little familial drama, and the fact that it likes to jump around the chronologies of its characters makes it an exciting watch. This show is also a hit with audiences, and NBC has gone on to renew the series for three more seasons after the 2019 run, which will mean that it will at least have six seasons total.

This Is Us
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