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The Walking Dead
Frank Darabont
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The Walking Dead - Review

This Review was written following only one rule - binge-watching the tv-show for around 10 hours with a lot of popcorn and then wirting down the thoughts - so you can trust this review is honest and truthful.

"The Walking Dead" - If the dead do not want to stay dead

The series tells the story of a small group of survivors who first attempt to assert themselves against the zombies in Greater Atlanta, Georgia. After several weeks in a coma, the sheriff awakens Rick Grimes in a hospital bed and finds himself in a quasi-abandoned station again. The events of the past are blurred and fragmented. On the way out of the hospital, Rick discovers that during his coma, a plague has turned a large part of the population into walking undead.
After Rick manages to fight his way out of the hospital and join the small group of survivors, who also includes his wife, son and best friend, the fight for survival really starts. Slowly recovering and, due to his natural abilities as leader, he quickly climbs to the head of the group. The main objective of Rick's troop is to find a permanent and, above all, safe haven, where they can safely find the zombies they call "biter".

The constant threat of the undead and the lurking dangers of the new environment let the group around Rick again and again in dangerous and seemingly hopeless situations. Without significant equipment and weapons, there are always insurmountable obstacles in the way of the survivors. After several deaths, new and new entrants, the composition of the group is constantly changing and ensuring that the close core of the survivors around Rick grows together into a kind of family.

The core of the survivors is next to Rick from his wife Lori and son Carl, as well as his best friend Shane. After the alleged death of Rick before the start of the series Shane enters into a relationship with Lori and Carl also takes up. This condition further enhances the stresses created in the group. In addition to the close family of Rick, there are other, again and again central figures in the group of survivors again.

During their search for suitable accommodation, the survivors find that virtually all areas of the country and their daily lives have been overrun by the undead. The plague has turned almost everyone into Walker or Biter, saving the survivors seems hopeless. Military bases, villages and small communities are searched by the survivors for a chance at rescue or accommodation, always on guard against the ubiquitous zombies.

As the journey through the post-apocalyptic world progresses, so does the soulworld of the survivors: they blunt out emotionally, make tough choices for their own survival, and fight against others as soon as it becomes necessary. In addition to conflicts with other survivors, there are always tensions between the individual group members, who are constantly changing due to changing alliances and relationships in their own situation within the group.

In the course of the series, the fight against the zombies will sometimes backfire to shed light on the group dynamic processes among the survivors and their respective stories.
The extremely brutal violence against the biter makes The Walking Dead partly look like a pure splatter-horror-strip, but on closer inspection the series turns out to be an in-depth psychological analysis dealing with very central themes of the human emotional world and ethics: What would I do if my life is threatened? Which decisions would I like to make?
At the heart of the series is the question of how far man is prepared to go when it comes to his own survival or the survival of his own families.

Rick Grimes is featured in the series by British actor Andrew Lincoln. From movies like Actually Love, Gangster No. 1 and The orderlover known Lincoln plays since 2010 the main character of the series.
Sarah Wayne Callies takes on the role of Lori Grimes. The American actress was best known for her role in the series Prison Break.
With Chandler Riggs, who at the beginning of the series was only 11 years old, the figure of Carl Grimes became a crowd pleaser. The actor is meanwhile also seen in other productions, for example in the film At the End of the Road.
The character of the Shane Walsh is one of the central cores of the series and is presented by Jon Bernthal. The American actor is best known for his roles in major film productions. He stood in front of the camera for Sicario, Shot Caller, Heart of Steel and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Production / Director:
Originally written and conceived as comics, AMC secured the rights to The Walking Dead. Production got off to a flying start with Frank Darabon as producer and author of the series and was launched in 2010 with the pilot film.
The idea of the series comes from the pen of Frank Darabont, Robert Kirman and Tony Moore, where the latter two are responsible for the comic book.
As a production company, Circle of Confusion is in charge of Valhalla Motion Pictures.
The American premiere was broadcast on 31.10.2010 on AMC, the German version of the series runs since November 2010 on FOX.
The growing enthusiasm of the fans of the series brought the producers so far to produce 9 seasons.

Serial rating and review:
The series was initially critically eyed as a comic adaptation and quickly banished to the corner of pure horror splatter series.
However, with the launch of the pilot episode, the impact and power of this series quickly became apparent: the critics outdid themselves with Benevolent Reviews and made it abundantly clear how even zombie haters will not be able to switch off in this series.

The brutal violence against the biter and the survivor makes the series not for the faint of heart. A youth release of the series by the FSK is not regularly, and for good reason.

However, if you can make friends with horror and splatter, you can expect the series The Walking Dead, which has now been expanded to nine seasons, and which is second to none. The high density of the plot, the human characters and the consistently extremely realistic world shock and inspire at the same time.

With increasing sympathy for the members of the small group around Rick Grimes, the concern of the viewer increases and behind every stone and every bush a biter is expected.
The deep psychological insights into the psychic life of the characters make the series a real pleasure. Supported by the great acting, The Walking Dead is a real recommendation for those who are not squeamish.

The bites, which are usually unrecognizable due to the extreme make-up, offer one or the other horror or zombie fan the chance to play in the series undetected. In particular, Scott Ian, guitarist of the thrash metal band Anthrax is seen in several situations as an aggressive biter.

The Walking Dead
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