The Crossing
The Crossing
Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie
Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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The Crossing - Review

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"The Crossing" Tells the Story of a Mysterious Group of Refugees

"The Crossing" was a mystery TV show created by the respected TV writer, Dan Dworkin who developed the show which was often compared to "Lost" by critics. The show was broadcast by ABC for a single season in 2018 before being canceled.

On the coast of Oregon, the small community of Port Canaan often feels like it is isolated from the rest of the U.S. because of its remote location. The local sheriff, Jude Ellis is struggling to come to terms with his recent divorce which has left him feeling depressed and unwilling to be of assistance to the local people.

Beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, a group of people awake to find themselves drowning beneath the waves. The group quickly find themselves fighting to survive against the harsh environment they find themselves in before only 47 make their way to the shore as survivors. Sheriff Ellis is called to the beach where he finds a small girl, Leah who explains the group is fleeing the war which has engulfed the U.S. recently. Sheriff Ellis explains to her there is no war in the U.S. and she must have imagined the entire episode. Another of the survivors comes forward and claims to be from the future when the U.S. has been ravaged by a war which has yet to begin.

The Sheriff is obviously confused by the story told by the group of refugees and sets out to involve the Department of Homeland Security in the strange case of the group of survivors. The case attracts the attention of Agent Emma Ren who makes her way to Port Canaan to discover what is going on and how the U.S. Government can handle the situation.

Sheriff Ellis quickly begins talking to the survivors as they recover from their ordeal and tries to uncover the truth about who they are and where they came from. One of the survivors, Ren is willing to discuss the way the group appeared in the ocean and is willing to provide a detailed account of why the refugees are looking for assistance. Ren is the mother of Leah and initially seeks the help of Ellis in finding her daughter.

The story told by Ren is shocking to Sheriff Ellis and provides him with the problem of trying to understand what is real and what is a lie. Ren explains to the Sheriff the group of survivors were part of a larger group of refugees who made their way to Port Canaan from 180 years in the future after a war made life impossible for everyday Americans in the future. Ren's story shocks the Sheriff as she tells of a new race of human beings who evolved to have superhuman abilities compared to their peers. The new race of humans have been named, Apex has begun to dominate human beings and is intent on seizing control of the Earth in the future.

Sheriff Ellis begins working with another Homeland Security Agent, Craig Lindauer who takes control of the case of the refugees and explains to Ellis that other groups have also returned from the future. Ellis continues to remain skeptical about the story but begins to change his mind when some members of the group begin to reveal they have powers different from normal human beings. The mystery deepens when one of the survivors recognizes Lindauer and tells Sheriff Ellis not to trust him as he has returned from the future and could be one of the Apex.

Screenwriter Dan Dworkin developed "The Crossing" for ABC Studios and Disney after having a successful career as both a writer and showrunner for a short period of time. After graduating from college, Dworkin began working as a writer for a series of network TV shows, including "Criminal Minds" and "The Event." The writer would create his first show for the El Ray network in the form of "Matador" detailing the life and career of a soccer player, which starred Diego Luna.

The character of Sheriff Jude Ellis is taken by veteran actor Steve Zahn who has been acting since the late-1980s. Zahn dropped out of college after attending a 1987 professional production of "Les Miserables" and began working in 1991. He would later form a theater group alongside fellow actor Ethan Hawke before making his name with a series of film roles. The pinnacle of his career came when he won a critically-acclaimed role in Werner Herzog's "Rescue Dawn." Zahn has spent much of his later career acting in family movies, such as his role as the father in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" franchise.

Natalie Martinez takes on the part of the mysterious Reece in "The Crossing." The actress is well-known to audiences for her appearance in the 2008 movie, "Death Race" and for her recurring role in "CSI NY." Martinez appeared in the promotional materials for the long-running sitcom, "Chuck" before her character was cut out of the show prior to its release.

Showrunner, Dan Dworkin wanted to provide a sense of realism for the show which he believed would be aided by filming on location. The pilot and single season of "The Crossing" were filmed in and around the Canadian region of British Columbia with the city of Vancouver providing many of the locations for the show. The village of Britannia Beach is the home for many of the locations of "The Crossing" with other locations used in the city of Vancouver.

Choosing whether to watch "The Crossing" should include a few thoughts on the fact the show was canceled after only one season by ABC without a resolution being in place. "The CRossing" did not fare any better with critics who found many of the characters too generic with the unhappy Sheriff dealing with personal issues a theme seen in many other shows which have better reviews. Many professional critics compared"the Crossing to the respected, "Lost" without believing the show had a chance to reach the same critical heights. Viewers seem to have a mixed opinion about the show with Rotten Tomatoes giving "The Crossing" an average rating of 58 percent and Metacritic a similar score.

Despite achieving some success early in his career, Steve Zahn found fame after actively campaigning for a role in the Vietnam War movie, "Rescue Dawn." To play the prisoner of war, Duane Martin, Zahn lost 40 pounds by only eating raw fruits and vegetables. The prospects for "The Crossing" were never too promising with the producers of the show forced to meet with reporters who had placed the show high on their list of possible cancellations before the end of season one prior to its premiere.

The Crossing
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