The 100
The 100
Jason Rothenberg
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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The 100 - Review

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"The 100" Explores A Post-Apocalyptic Future

"The 100", pronounced, The Hundred, is based on a book of the same name by Kass Morgan and has been developed for the screen by Jason Rothenberg. As with many productions based on successful novels and literature, the seventh season, which has been commissioned, will push the characters far beyond the original source material.

The plot of the show begins with the planet Earth struggling to recover from a Nuclear winter which was spawned 97 years earlier by a great conflict. The show sees the majority of those who survived the nuclear blast living in orbit around the planet on a series of interconnected space stations which were not designed for the long period of time in space or the three generations who were born since they were launched. The station has become known as "The Ark" and the leaders of the community are looking for a new way of making sure as many people survive as possible.

A decision is made to dispatch a group of juveniles to the surface of the planet to experience the environment and act as guinea pigs for the potential return of the human race to its home planet. The humans are all seen as expendable as they have committed crimes while living onboard the ark and could have spent their time in jail if not becoming part of the titular 100.

The adolescents are equipped with wristbands which monitor their vital signs remotely on The Ark so their health can be monitored at all times. The group of adolescents includes Clarke, Finn, and Bellamy who become some of the leaders of the group when they land on the surface of the planet.

Surprisingly, the group of returning adolescents discover the evacuation of the planet Earth was not complete at the time of the Nuclear holocaust with a group is known as "The Grounders" have been living on Earth for the last 97 years. The Grounders have divided themselves up into various clans or groups and are fighting for control of the planet when the 100 youths arrive from The Ark.

Upon arrival on the surface of the planet, the group of new arrivals find themselves unable to make contact with The Ark and are struggling to maintain their lives as the harsh nuclear winter is continuing on Earth. The decision to drop the group at the large, Mount Weather also appears to have been a bad one as the group faces a battle to survive against a clan known as The Reapers who have turned to cannibalism to survive the harsh winters of Mount Weather.

"The 100" is the first TV show former set designer, Jason Rothenberg has managed to get off the ground after a series of canceled pilots. After working on a range of projects in the set design department, including "Original Intent" and "American Cuisine", Rothenberg spent his time creating a series of scripts for potential TV shows. The closest any of his shows came to TV was a pilot for "Body Politics" which followed the lives of young staffers living and working in Washington D.C.

After filming the pilot for "Body Politics," The CW decided it would not move forward with production but did like the show enough to offer Rothenberg the chance to develop "The 100" for the network. Rothenberg has remained the lead creative element of the show throughout its run which now stretches to a planned seventh season which has been commissioned.

Eliza Taylor an Australian-born actress who now stars as the character of Clarke Griffin in "The 100." The actress had already found fame in the U.K. and Australia for her role on the long-running soap opera, "Neighbours" in which she played Janae Timmins. Taylor did not audition for "The 100" but did film an audition for a movie which was passed on to Jason Rothenberg who later offered the actress the role of Clarke.

Paige Turco has been working in Hollywood steadily throughout a career which began for many fans with her role as April O'Neil in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secrets of the Ooze." Over the course of her career, Turco has appeared in a range of roles including those in the daytime soap opera, "All My Children" and the critical success, "Gothic."

"The 100" is produced for The CW network in the U.S. and is streamed on the Netflix platform in Canada and much of the rest of the world. The show has also been broadcast in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand where it has achieved success throughout its six broadcast seasons. Filming takes place in British Columbia, Canada where Jason Rothenberg worked with respected languages expert, Dabid J. Petersen to create a realistic language used by the survivors found on Earth by members of The Ark.

The early seasons of "The 100" have been received positively over the course of their broadcast which included the first season achieving a score on Rotten Tomatoes of 74 percent. As with many shows, the second season saw an increase in the critical rating of "The 100" with the show receiving a score of 100 percent fresh on the same platform. Critics have praised the show for its depiction of the difficult choices the survivors on Earth were forced to take to survive and those the one hundred returning humans must make to survive their return to Earth.

Kass Morgan had not completed the final draft of the novel when The CW picked up "The 100" and began to write and produce the show. There are many ways language is used to both confuse and inform the viewer, including the use of the term, "TonDC" which is an important location for the members of The Ark. In fact, the show is using a shortened version of the name of the U.S. capital, Washington D.C.

The 100
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