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Riverdale - Review

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The series Riverdale deals with the events in the same named town in the United States. The new high school year is approaching and at first it seems to be another year in the peaceful small town idyll.
But with the mysterious death of a high school student from Riverdale, the plot of the series unfolds bit by bit. Viewers begin to peek behind the scenes of seemingly peaceful small-town life, discovering intriguing students, locked-up teachers, unforgiving families, and vile enmities.
After the death of local high school student Jason Blossom, there is a strange, depressed mood in the town. In addition, a certain amount of uncertainty and unrest is spreading, as the potential crime and the person responsible for it has not yet been cleared up. The protagonist and centerpiece of the series Riverdale, Archie Andrew and his two best friends, Betty and Jughead, realizes that something is wrong. The three students go on their own to search for clues and information about the death of the boy. The investigation of the three friends accompanied the audience through the other events in the series. During their investigation, they make acquaintance with Veronica, among other things, who moved with her family fresh from New York in the tranquil town.
The acquaintance with Veronica always brings Archie into the trouble of losing himself in his affection for Veronica and Betty. Jughead tries to avoid this constellation and becomes more and more of a solitary boy and moves away from his friends.
In addition to the four teenagers, the twin sister of the dead Jason plays a central role in the plot of the series. She plays a confused and intriguing game with all persons and sows strife, where she can only to see the world around her sink into chaos.

The main characters of the Riverdale series all have their own conflicts and interests to pursue and deal with as the series progresses.
Archie Andrew lives with his father in Riverdale and struggles with various conflicts throughout the series. He is having a secret affair with his music teacher, Mrs. Gunda, and is fancying to become a professional musician.
Archie's best friend, Betty Cooper, enjoys an impeccable reputation in the small village. The student is considered organized, well-behaved and honest - attempts to distance herself from this reputation will occur over and over again throughout the series. She has had a romantic interest in Archie for years, which he does not, or only unconsciously, register.
The self-sacrificing Jughead Jones is Archie's best friend and is an outsider. He could never make friends with the world around him, and in case of doubt he tends to distance himself. In his calm and adult manner, however, he is in many respects the most sensible and mature of the adolescents.
Veronica Lodge, the new girl at Riverdale High School, has a grim family history that she tries to repress and distance herself from. She makes friends quickly with Archie and his group of friends.
The twin sister of murdered Jason is a scheming young woman who turns out to be a manipulative egomaniac trying to manipulate and intimate everything around her.

The 21-year-old K.J. Apa plays in the series the protagonist Archie Andrews. The New Zealand actor was seen in several smaller films before his success with the series, such as The Last Summer or Bailey-A Friend for Life.
Betty Cooper, Archie's best friend and secret lover, is played by Lili Reinhart. The American actress is already featured in several films, such as in Hustlers, The Good Neighbor and Miss Stevens.

The third in the league is the outsider Jughead, he is represented by Cole Sprouse. Born in Italy, Cole has appeared in such films as Big Daddy and Three Steps, and has already had some success with the Zack & Cody series.

Production of the series:
The idea for the series comes from Greg Berlanti and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the realization is realized by Warner Bros. Television in collaboration with CBS Television Studios and Berlanti Productions.
Filming began for the first season in Vancouver and was later relocated to the United States.
The series was first developed for the US television station FOX, but later stopped first and then resumed by the station The CW.
The pilot episode was ordered in January 2016, the release of the first season began with the pilot on 26.01.2017 on The CW.
In Germany, the series has been published since January 2017 on the online streaming platform Netflix.
The music of the series is written by Blake Neely and Sherri Chung.

Serial rating and review:
The series Riverdale was recorded differently by the critics, the first season had been taken on the whole the most positive, but the popularity decreased with the other seasons rather than to.

The series is written for teenagers and in essence a successful comic adaptation, but sometimes sick of well-known stereotypes.
The intriguing boss cheerleader, the locked loner and the mysterious stranger: Again and again you feel when watching other episodes of other series. Yet Riverdale manages to entertain and connect with the characters.
The story about the Dead Youth opens up the overall construct and makes it easy for the viewer to delve deeper into the world around Riverdale.

Those looking for an innovative and novel series will probably be disappointed. But all those viewers who want to be entertained by a series, should feel quite comfortable with Riverdale.
The audience of the series may be slightly younger on average than the protagonists - you can see as a viewer that the series makers know about this factor and fill their series accordingly with content.
Though reminiscent of the typical teenage series, the gloomy mood and profound characters make Riverdale a rock-solid show.

The Riverdale series has gained truly loyal and fanatical followers and can look forward to their own convention. Founded by fans, the Official Riverdale Convention allows them to personally connect with their stars. In the spirit of Star Trek and co, the convention takes place in the look and style of the series.

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