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Modern Family
Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd

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Modern Family - Review

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"Modern Family" - this is how family works today

Modern Family is about the life around the patchwork family of Jay Pritchett.
Jay lives as a father of two grown children, together with his much younger partner Gloria and her son Manny under one roof.
Jay's daughter Claire lives with her husband Phil and their children Alex, Luke and Haley, while his son Mitchell lives with his partner Cameron Tucker and has adopted a baby from Vietnam together.
In the course of the series, the family constructions, which are similar to their characters but which are completely different in everyday life, encounter each other again and again and create strange situations.

The series is mainly about the families and their lives:

Jay Pritchett is a contractor and the patriarch of the family - at least he feels his role as such. Jay is professionally successful, indulges in luxury and cars and likes to sarcastically face his fellow human beings. His much younger wife Gloria, a lively Latina, is originally from Colombia and is a devoted mother and wife. Her religious beliefs and upbringing make her a perfect counterpart to Jay, the age difference between them being no problem for her. Manuel "Manny" Alberto Delgado is the son of Gloria and comes from their previous relationship. He is 12 years old, but through his intelligence and adult behavior, he looks much older and always manages to astonish his family.

The second family considered are the Dunphys: Claire Dunphy is Jay's daughter and has been married to her husband Philip for over 20 years. Claire is portrayed as ambitious and caring and is very happy in her situation. However, occasional flashbacks and stories from her past show that she was not always a good daughter, but made various mistakes herself. This background also explains her constant concern for daughter Hayley.
As a realtor, Philip Dunphy is always busy trying to get a better and deeper connection to his children in his free time. He still sees himself as a young and relaxed father, a view that his children do not always share.
Haley Gwendolyn Dunphy is the eldest daughter of both and is the prototype of an adolescent teenage girl. She mainly cares about her own social status and less about her academic achievements.
Alexandra "Alex" Dunphy is at the age of 13 the middle daughter of the two and the smartest of the children. Due to her intellectual superiority, she always succeeds in teasing her two brothers and sisters. School achievements are no problem for them but just a popular task.
Luke "Luke" Dunphy is the only son of the two and is portrayed as clumsy and lost in thought. He is the dreamer of the family and can sometimes be quite exhausting for his parents and the two sisters. Secretly, however, his mother enjoys the opportunity to help at least one of her children from time to time.

The third family in the league are the gay partners Mitchell "Mitch" Pritchett and Cameron "Cam" Scott Tucker. After more than eight years of relationship, they decided to adopt and raise a baby from Vietnam. He sees Mitch's sometimes tense relationship with his father as a reason not to be open-minded about his homosexuality.
His partner, Cam, is the opposite of his personality: he loves drama, is very open with his life, and pursues a large number of hobbies and recreational pursuits.

Ed O'Neill, most of the viewers well known for his role in the Terrible Nice Family, gives the Jay Pritchett. His experience as a sitcom actor and actor gives him an incredibly charismatic charisma that greatly enriches the character of Patriarch Jay.
Claire Dunphy is played by Julien Bowen. The American actress is known to viewers from films such as Kill The Boss, Happy Gilmore and Life of the Party. But her series experiences (Lost, Law & Order, Emergency Room) can be seen.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays one of the leading roles with Mitchell Pritchett. The American actor is known and popular as a series actor (The Class, Ugly Betty). His partner in the series is portrayed by Eric Stonestreet. The actor already featured in such films as 13 Graves or The Island is also known for his role in the animated film Pets.

Production / Director:
The development of the series Modern Family goes back to an idea of ​​producer Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan and was first published in 2009 by the American broadcaster ABC.
The production company 20th Century Fox Television developed the program in the form of a mockumentary exclusively for ABC.
The German-language premiere aired on RTL Nitro in April 2012. Meanwhile, streaming providers such as Netflix and Sky have come across the series and published parts of the series in their program.
It is thanks to the great success of the series that with the upcoming 11th season an enormous series runtime was achieved.

Serial rating and review:
Critics and spectators were already in agreement at the beginning of the series: Modern Family is an excellent series that scores with wit and empathy. As the best or funniest series of the year she was praised by Time magazine already after the release of the first season.
The following years the Modern Family team managed to broaden and enthuse its fanbase.
With 21 Primetime Emmy Awards, Modern Family has become an absolute must-have not only in the reviews but also among the viewers.

The series is full of humor and entertainment. All fans of sitcoms, who like the unusual perspective of the mockumentary (comparisons to the British The Office or the German Stromberg crowd), find in Modern Family a comforting series event, in which time can be forgotten.

With a brilliant cast and especially the portrayal of Patriarch Jay, watching is always fun!

The tenth season of the series was already traded as the last season. However, a first statement from the ranks of the production teams caused the fanbase to storm so violently that they decided to finish the series befittingly and completely with a final, eleventh season - a decision that could not have been more democratic.

Modern Family
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