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Gotham - Review

This Review was written following only one rule - binge-watching the tv-show for around 10 hours with a lot of popcorn and then wirting down the thoughts - so you can trust this review is honest and truthful.

„Gotham“ - Before there was Batman, there was GOTHAM.

Long before Bruce Wayne as Batman watches over his hometown, Gotham is a criminal swamp of crime, corruption and violence. The focus of the series is a young, aspiring Jim Gordon, who starts his career as a detective at the police of Gotham. Driven by an urgent need for justice and justice, he seeks to defend himself against the ubiquitous corruption in the police force and in the rest of the city.

Gotham, as a formerly magnificent city, has plunged deeper and deeper into criminal abysses, in which the good of life is constantly disappearing and people can no longer enjoy their existence. The city and its population continue to deteriorate, the buildings and streets degenerate and society is threatened. Driven by his childhood memories, Detective Jim Gordon dreams of "rebuilding" his city and bringing it back to former glory and glory.
Gordon's career begins with a murder case, which he together with his partner Harvey Bullock, a far more experienced and hardened official to enlighten.
The murdered couple Thomas and Martha Wayne, comic fans and cineastes known as the parents of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman, fell victim to a cruel crime.
Jim Gordon swears to the young Bruce that he would do anything to clarify the murder of his parents and to bring the perpetrators behind bars forever. The young Bruce, who is now raised by the faithful butler Alfred, recognizes in Gordon one of the few honorable police in Gotham.

The main characters of the series are usually well known to all fans of DC comics around the dark knight Batman. Gotham now gives viewers the chance to delve deeper into the characters' past and get to know them better.

With Jim Gordon, the series has an ambitious and idealistic cop to the main character who does everything possible to return Gotham to his former glory. Stubborn and cunning, Gordon was known to the Gotham police as a successful college football player and fought for his homeland in the war. His steadily advancing career on the way to the familiar of the Batman is the linchpin of the series.

Another old acquaintance is Alfred Pennyworth, the East London-based, faithful butler of the Waynes. After serving in the British Navy, he initially took on the household of billionaires and later the education of the young Bruce Wayne. He is driven by a fatherly love for the boy, as well as his loyalty to Thomas Wayne, which persists far beyond his death.

Oswald Cobblepot is well known to most audiences as The Penguin. The villain is a genius as a criminal and becomes one of Gotham's most feared criminals. Coupled with his unscrupulous demeanor, the penguin is one of Gordon's main opponents.

Sarah Essen, the superior of Gordon, is the captain of the homicide squad and never in a city like Gotham for long without a job. Her determined way of bringing her into the focus of politics again and again, what she uses to reconcile the interests of the police with those of the city leadership.

Jim Gordon's anchor to reality and support in all walks of life is his fiancé Barbara Kean. She works in the Gotham City hospital and, like her husband, experiences first-hand the increasing brutalization of the city. It is Gordon's support and his weakness, as he would do anything to protect it.
Bruce Wayne, who will later take on the security of his city as Batman, is the son of billionaire Wayne family. He maintains a close and friendly relationship with Alfred and develops into a serious and justice-seeking young man.

Known to the DC fans as Catwoman, Keyle roams Gotham at night as a crafty and manipulative teenage cat-like teenager. She grew up as an orphan and was shaped by the criminal milieu of the city.

Benjamin McKenzie plays the lead role in the series with Jim Gordon. The veteran serial actor is known to audiences among others through his starring role in O.C., California and Southland.
The only 18-year-old David Mazouz is in the series the adolescent Batman Bruce Wayne. The exceptional actor has already appeared in such films as The Games Maker and The Darkness.
Butler and mentor Alfred is portrayed by Sean Pertwee. The British actor is the audience's third leading actor in the BBC series. Who especially known. But also in films such as Event Horizon or Equilibrium, the Briton has already participated.
In addition to the aforementioned are also Robin Lord Taylor, Camren Bicaondova, Erin Richards and many others in front of the camera.

Production of the series:
After the Dark Knight trilogy was announced by the US television station Fox, that a series will be created in connection with the popular DC universe. The production of the series took over Warner Bros. Television together with DC Entertainment and Primrose Hill Productions.
As director of the series was Danny Cannon used, the scripts were supplied by producer Bruno Heller.
The first broadcast took place in September 2014, initially exclusively at Fox. The German premiere aired in ProSieben Fun in January 2015, followed by broadcasting on free TV at ProSieben in February.

Serial rating and review:
The series was eagerly awaited after the tremendous success of the Dark Knight series, and was pleased to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews right after the first release. The dark atmosphere and the dense character and story structure are described by most fans as absolutely Gotham-typical.

The creators of the series have succeeded in adapting the comic templates, so that even those spectators who have not yet dealt with the DC universe will get their money's worth.

For all friends and connoisseurs of the comics and the numerous film adaptations of the dark Avenger in bat gap Gotham is quasi canon and thus required reading.
The interesting backgrounds to the popular characters and gangsters, the rise of the Dark Knight Batman and the involvement of the later commissioner Gordon make the series an absolute delight.

The dark and oppressive mood of the series fits the eye and makes clear how urgently the people of Gotham need their rescuing rescuers. Have fun!

Fans of the DC Comics and the previous Batman films will always be able to spot small Easter Eggs in the background. A particularly carefully placed Shakespeare bust can be found in the series as well in the study of the Waynes as in the film version of the 1960s - here was the secret entrance to the Bat Cave!

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