Future Man
Future Man
Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Future Man - Review

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"Future Man" Takes Its Lead From Many '80s Movies

"Future Man" is a Hulu streaming service production created by the British writer and director, Howard Overman for the U.S. market. The show found some fame because of the roles of executive producers taken up by the comedy writers, Seth Rogen, and Adam Goldberg as they developed the show for the streaming service. Rogen and Goldberg even share directing duties on the first episode of "Future Man" as they did when they brought the "Preacher" comic book series to the screen for AMC.

Josh Futterman is a janitor who seems to be living the worst version of his life living with his parents and endlessly trying to beat the "Biotic Wars" video game. Fitterman works as a janitor for a major technology corporation headed by the rarely seen Dr. Elias Kronish. The show sees Futterman publicly shamed by his superior, Dr. Stu Camillo who has little patience for the unhappiness and lack of motivation seen from the janitor.

Kronish makes his appearance in the premiere episode of "Future Man" when he comes into contact with Josh during his daily duties as a janitor. The head of the tech corporation reveals he was inspired to create his company when he was watching the 1969 Moon landing as a college student and attended a party which left him infected with herpes. Alongside his work to develop some of the latest technology products on the market, Kronish has also spent his time working to eradicate the Herpes virus which he remains infected by.

After returning home to his parents and eating dinner, Josh sets out for a final attempt to defeat the "Biotic Wars" video game he is obsessed by. As a final throw of the dice to defeat the game he sees as impossible to beat, Josh removes all the armor from his character and heads into the final battle. After defeating the final level of "Biotic Wars," he is declared a Biotic Savior but remains unfulfilled with his life.

Remaining in his room, Josh is in a compromising position when the seemingly real-life characters from the "Biotic Wars" video game, Tiger and Wolf appear in his room claiming they have time traveled from the future. Josh remains in disbelief but Tiger and Wolf explain they created the "Biotic Wars" video game to find the best warriors from the 21st-century to help them in their fight to overcome the race of people known as the biotics.

The plan for Josh is to follow Tiger and Wolf to 1969 when they will spend their time trying to find different ways of halting the work of Elias Kronish who has inadvertently developed the Herpes treatment which led to the rise of the Biotics. Over the course of the pilot episode, Josh finds his own parents in 1969 and shocks Tiger and Wolf by refusing to fight when they are attacked by Biotics who have also stepped back in time. "Future Man" includes many different plot themes, including how stopping Dr. Kronish being infected with Herpes will halt the end of the civilization as we know it.

The showrunner of "Future Man" is the British writer, Howard Overman who is a BAFTA winner for his work as the writer and creator of the show, "Misfits." Overmans has been working for a number of years in the U.K. with his series including "Atlantis" and "Dirk Gently." The "Dirk Gently" series was a critical success starring Steven Mangan in the lead role.

The character of Tiger in "Future Man" is taken by Eliza Coupe who is a well-known actress and comedian from New Hampshire in the U.S. Coupe has appeared in a number of critically-acclaimed shows, including the "Flight of the Conchords" and the sitcom, "Samantha Who?' Coupe has also appeared in a number of Hollywood movies, including the comedy "What's Your Number?"

Josh Futterman is played by the former child actor, Josh Hutcherson who appeared in a number of major movies such as "The Polar Express" before switching to TV with "Future Man." Among the movies the actor has appeared in are "Zathura: The Space Adventure" and the Robin Williams comedy, "RV." Hutcherson also appeared with Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" movies which brought him to a wider audience and was followed by a series of independent movie appearances.

Hulu ordered the first series with thirteen episodes after Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg who had decided to executive produce the show for their own production company and Sony Television Pictures. "Future Man" was developed from a story created by the British filmmaker Howard Overman with Jyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffer who also write the pilot episode directed by Seth Rogen and Adam Goldberg.

"Future Man" has received largely positive reviews with its rating on Rotten Tomatoes reaching around 86 percent for season one and rising to 91 percent for season two. The professional critics were kind to the show and the performance of Josh Hutcherson which they believed showed the talent of the actor and the writers in creating the Futterman character.

The pilot episode received favorable reviews for the entire cast, including the parents of Josh Futterman played by Ed Begley Jr. and Glenne Hedley. Many critics stated the best lines were reserved for the tow veteran actors and believed the performances for the roles of Tiger and Wolf by Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson should also be praised.

Overall, the show was seen as a success with the writing praised by many critics as showing the awareness of the writers of their subject matter and its references. In the pilot episode, the plot device of the video game being used as a way of finding a great warrior was drawn from the plot of "The Last Starfighter." Knowing the references and not making them an in-joke for those fans of 80s movies and science fiction shows was an advance on the majority of parody shows such as "Future Man."

The character of Diane Futterman left the show after the fifth episode of season one following the death of actress Glenne Hedley at the age of 62. As a way of honoring her memory, the creative team of the show revealed she would not be replaced in the show by another actress but the remaining episodes would be rewritten to cover the subject of her death.

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