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DuckTales - Review

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"DuckTales" Reboots for a 21st-century Audience

The "DuckTales" franchise was famous in the 1980s before being canceled by Disney with the characters of Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie making their return to TV screens in 2017. The show was created by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones who had dreamed of developing the series for a new audience since their childhood.

The show opens with Donald Duck arriving at the mansion of his uncle Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge and Donald have not spoken since the pair began their adventures years earlier traveling the world seeking ancient treasures. Scrooge is unhappy to see Donald as he has become a recluse and lives largely alone in his massive mansion.

Donald is accompanied by his nephews, Huey, Louie, and Dewey who he has been caring for since the disappearance of their mother, Delta. Scrooge is unhappy he is being asked to care for the children, but Donald tells him he is about to attend a job interview which he hopes will let him care for the boys in a better way.

Scrooge reluctantly agrees to look after the children and locks them in a room as soon as Donald leaves for his interview. Scrooge leaves the children to their own devices saying they will be happy alone and he can return to his daily life. In the room, the boys find a range of ancient relics and the character of Webby Vanderquack who has been locked in the room caring for the relics. The boys and Webby accidentally release a series of monsters from the relics which they must return to their holding jars before Scrooge discovers they have been released.

Eventually, Scrooge finds himself drawn into the adventures of the boys in his mansion and finds he is yearning to return to his earlier life of adventure. Scrooge contacts his old pilot, Launchpad McQuack who he feels can help him find an ancient jewel in the lost city of Atlantis. As Scrooge, Launchpad, and the boys set off on their boat they spot Scrooge's rival, Flintheart Golmgold on his boat staffed by Donald heading out towards Atlantis. The boys and Scrooge must make friends and learn to work together if they are to discover the lost city and recover the jewel before Donald and Flintheart.

Eventually, Donald decides he is going to return to his partnership with Scrooge and stop working against his nephews as the race to recover the jewel hots up. As the first episode comes to an end, Scrooge realizes he loves his family and wants Donald and the boys to return to his mansion and live with him. Donald finds a portrait of the boys and their mother, Delta who he wants to try and find as the season progresses.

Acclaimed Scottish actor, David Tennant takes the role of Scrooge McDuck in the series after finding fame as a stage and screen actor. Tennant worked with the respected British writer Russell T. Davies on a number of occasions in the early 21st-century as he became a household name in the U.K. as "Doctor Who" and "Casanova." Tennant has also appeared in the "Harry Potter" franchise and won critical praise for his role as the villain in the Marvel show, "Jessica Jones."

The role of Scrooge McDuck's assistant, Webby is played by Kate Micucci who has appeared in some of the most popular comedies of the last two decades. Her breakout performance was in the role of The Gooch in "Scrubs" and was followed by her role as Lucy in "The Big Bang Theory." The actress also performs regularly in the comedy musical duo, Garfunkel and Oates alongside Riki Lindholme.

The show is produced by Disney Television Animation and broadcast in the U, S, on Disney XD and the Disney Channel. Showrunners, Youngberg, and Angones wanted to stay true to the original style of the Scrooge McDuck Comics by Carl Banks and ensured all the characters were drawn in his style. The cast has expanded from the original seasons of the show starting in 1987 to replicate the changing society of the U.S. Angones believed the show did not reflect the diverse nature of most U.S. communities and introduced the character of GizmoDuck, voiced by Latino actor Lin-Manuel Miranda.

"DuckTales" premiered with a 44-minute pilot on Disney XD in 2017 with a further 38 episodes broadcast by Disney on its channels around the world. The "DuckTales" franchise has been taken to countries including the U.K. and Indonesia with more episodes planned for the third season. "DuckTales" has been given largely favorable reviews by professional critics who have stated they were pleased by the decision to retain the original heart and soul of the comic book series. A small controversy was generated by the failure of the show to retain the original cast members who were vocal in their unhappiness at not being asked to return to their previous roles. Rotten Tomatoes gves the entire two season run of "DuckTales" a rating of 100 percent and the season one pilot a rating of 97 percent.

The critical acclaim for "DuckTales" hit its peak in 2018 when the show received a number of awards related to the rebooted voice cast which by now featured Lin-Manuel Miranda. The show received the Daytime Emmy for best performance by a voice cast and took home similar accolades from the Voice Actors Awards.

The show takes place in its own universe where the United States has a range of different states, such as Calisota which has not been given a specific location in the U.S. Original Scroog McDuck creator, Carl Banks claimed he took inspiration for the villain of "DuckTales", Magica de Spell from the Italian actresses, Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida. The character is also said to have been influenced by the Tv show character, Morticia Addams. Many fans identify the influence of the "Indiana Jones" franchise on "DuckTales" which is obvious for most but the original idea for "Indiana Jones" was actually based around much of the work done by Carl Banks in his creation of the Scrooge McDuck comic books.

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