CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami
Ann Donahue, Anthony Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn
Drama, Mystery

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CSI: Miami - Review

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"CSI Miami" Launches The "CSI" Franchise In A new Area

In 2002, CBS announced its popular "CSI Vegas" show would gain a new spinoff show, "CSI Miami-Dade." The show would later be retitled. "CSI Miami" to make it catchier and easier for viewers to recognize in the schedules. The show would follow the route first trod by "CSI Vegas" with a group of crime scene investigators being followed as they went about their work in the beautiful surroundings of Miami, Florida. "CSI Vegas" showrunner Anthony E. Zuiker worked alongside co-showrunner Ann Donahue to create a show described as looking gorgeous but filled with science alongside the women in bikinis.

One of the ways shows such as "NCIS" and the various "CSI" franchises have launched spinoffs is by including the new characters in a crossover episode with existing mainstays of the franchise. This was the case with the pilot produced for "CSI Miami" which was produced as episode 22 of season two of "CSI Vegas." The show saw the former Chief of Police from Las Vegas killed and his daughter kidnapped and later found in Florida.

The show opens in Las Vegas with Gil Grissom leads the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of former Police Chief Duke Rittle, the team eventually find his decomposing body in a parked car. The disappearance of the wife and daughter of Duke Rittle remains a mystery until a young girl is found in Florida who matches her description. Grissom sends two members of his team to Florida to aid the local investigators in their quest to uncover the truth about the disappearance of the Rittle family.

Warwick and Catherine arrive in Florida and are introduced to the "CSI Miami" team headed by Horatio Crane, who works in a different way to their own boss, Gil Grissom. The members of the "CSI Vegas" team have been taught to investigate based on the scientific evidence they discover and are shocked when Crane begins to theorize about how events took place. The combined team find a series of clues, including a patch of urine, a few bullets, and tire tracks. Crane theorizes the young girl escaped when the kidnapper stopped to urinate and fired a few shots at her as she fled into the woods.

As the team is working, Crane is called by the FBI and informed the case of Duke Rittle and his family is similar to the work of a known serial killer they have been chasing for a number of years. The discovery of a car in a swamp leads to the discovery of the body of Mrs. Rittle wh is found covered in an expensive form of honey which the investigators believe points to the tastes of the killer. "CSI Miami" team member, Eric Delko works the swamp crime scene and discovers a series of bacteria are the same at this crime scene and that of Duke Rittle in Las Vegas.

The net appears to be closing n the serial killer who witnesses state has a sweet smell which Grissom ties to the medical condition, diabetic ketoacidosis which makes a sweet smell before insulin is added to the human body. Finding the serial killer will depend on finding all those who have bought insulin and used it in and around the Miami area and those who have frequented a sex club in the city where honey is a key part of the experience. The teams from "CSI Vegas" and "CSI Miami" must put aside the differences in how they go about their work and come together to solve the case and protect the life of the Rittle's daughter.

The production of "CSI Miami" was a joint effort between Anthony E. Zuiker and Ann Donahue because of the time constraints placed on Zuiker because of his role with "CSI Vegas." Ann Donahue is a writer of a number of off-broadway plays and a contributor to a series of TV shows including "Picket Fences" and "21 Jump Street." Donahue writes the back door pilot for "CSI Miami" alongside Zuiker and was a consistent contributor to the show over the course of its 232 episodes.

David Caruso takes on the role of Horatio Crane, despite not being the first choice of Anthony E. Zuiker or Ann Donahue. Caruso had made headlines when he became a star as part of the cast of the ABC drama, "NYPD Blue" which he left two episodes into season two despite his role being the most popular in the show. Caruso would later take on a series of roles in movies but never find the same fame he had on TV. By 2002, Caruso had largely removed himself from his image as a problem following the "NYPD Blue" contract dispute and appeared in every episode of "CSI Miami."

Emily Proctor was the first actor cast in "CSI Miami" as Caleigh, a detective with the Miami-Dade CSI team. Proctor has worked in TV since the 1990s when she made appearances in network shows such as "Friends" and "Dukes of Hazzard: The Reunion!" The actor became a household name for her role in "The West Wing" as Ainsley Hayes which she left to take up her part in "CSI Miami."

The future HBO director Joe Chapelle took the helm of the first two episodes of the stand-alone series of "CSI Miami." The director would become famous for his work on "The Wire," the critically-acclaimed procedural success which launched the careers of actors including Idris Elba.

The decision f CBS to launch a spinoff of "CSI Vegas" so quickly after the launch of the original show was criticized by William Petersen, star of the original show as being too soon and would confuse viewers. Despite being set in Florida, "CSI Miami" was actually filmed in California with many of the locations based around Redondo Beach and Long Beach. Despite the majority of indoor scenes being filmed in Hollywood, the cast did spend a large amount of time in Florida filming on location at areas such as Miami Beach and Coconut Grove.

The show was created for the CBS network and involved a co-production by CBS Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions which lasted for all ten seasons. Eventually, the words of William Petersen came back to haunt "CSI Miami" when CBS canceled the show after its tenth season due to the high cost of producing four CSI shows at one time. The stars of "CSI Miami" were reported to be shocked by the decision to cancel the show as they had been told "CSI New York" would be the show to be axed.

Critical response to "CSI Miami" was largely positive with the series given a rating of 66 by Metacritic and praised as better than the original "CSI Vegas" show by many critics. The BBC stated the show had risen to be the top TV show in the world by viewers alone in 2006, overtaking the earlier "CSI Vegas." Critics praised the high quality of the production of "CSI Miami" which was glossier and more stylish than that of its predecessor. "CSI Miami" had a series of crossovers, including the backdoor pilot to "CSI NY" which made David Caruso the only actor to appear in three different versions of the "CSI" franchise.

The character of Horatio Crane became a cultural phenomenon for the opening gambit he gave at the start of each episode followed by the placing of his sunglasses n his face like the iconic theme tune by The Who began. The move to Miami almost saw a return to the region for "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson who was tapped for the role of Horatio Crane. The decision to develop a spinoff of "CSI Vegas" came after rumors began to circulate of other networks beginning to discuss the development of shows using the "CSI Vegas" format.

CSI: Miami
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